Saturday, 26 February 2011

While at TED...

It's hard to not be inspired when you're at TED. (if you don't know what I'm on about, look it up
It hasn't even started yet (first day monday) and already I am having to hold myself back from my plans... hold on Anna, just 3 more years, get your degree, then start.

I'm raring to go.

But WHERE do I start?

Ok, fast forward with me, three years from now. I will have almost finished my social work degree and qualification. I will have had 3 more years of experience, 3 more years worth of knowledge, and 3 years of pent up passion for music and musical healing.

What then?

I need to figure out the basics. What is the basic foundation of my plan, and how am I going to grow this thing?

So let's get things clear. This is what I want.

I want to combine the practical aid of a rehabilitation and mentor program with music training adopting a therapeutic approach. When I use the term 'music therapy', please be flexible with it. I'm not talking about giving a trauma victim a tambourine, tell them to tap out the rhythm and expect them to be all better. Come on. I'm not saying that music therapy is that at all. Music therapy is incredible, and there are so many people who have already found the healing benefits of it first hand. I am so excited to take part on this music therapy training course in the summer to learn more.

But no, what I'm merely saying is that MY approach to music therapy is going to be different. I want to put my clients under a fairly up tempo ('rigorous' is the wrong word but you get my drift) and exciting music training program, that shows purpose and drives the clients to reach to their full potential.

It is in doing well, succeeding and in reaching our potential that our confidence grows.
In an increase of confidence, we find an increase of self-belief, and hence drive to do well in other things... like life.

Music has this power, people don't give it enough credit. It can totally change a life. But I've got to put the work in. Watch this space 3 years from now. It'll be mental.

This is Emmanuel Jal. He was a boy soldier, a war child, and experienced pain like no one could belief. His TEDtalk is amazing. When he raps and dances later, it just backs up everything I am talking about. It'll shake you.

Emmanuel Jal: The music of a war child

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  1. Are you in Long Beach? Tell my dad hello for me!! Have an amazing time and I love your drive and passion! Keep pursuing this wonderful dream that will be your reality! xoxoxo