Sunday, 6 February 2011

My Dream...

So here's the thing...

Music heals. There is no doubt.

I was a pretty awkward kid, and a very angry teen. I didn't have much self confidence, and I was slightly overshadowed by my two beautiful and incredible sisters, who I love dearly.

I started singing at the age of 7, and started performing soon after. My confidence grew. People told me they liked my voice, they said I was talented, and I believed them. Naturally. Now I am a confident, bold young woman, with lots of excitement for the future. And I have to put that down to Music. So, thank you Music. You're awesome.

This realization got me thinking. There I was, a pretty average kid, growing up in a privileged society, with very few domestic and personal issues. I was very lucky. There are so many people, old and young alike who are not as lucky. They have experienced loss and hardship like I wouldn't believe. If music is healing for me, surely it could be healing for them too?

A few weeks ago, my world was thoroughly shaken. I found myself writing a song on the night that I found out that my beloved, beautiful and inspirational sister Zoe had tragically passed away. I was in agonizing pain and grief, and in that raw emotion, I was able to write one of the best songs I've ever written. I sang 'Let it Be' by the Beatles at the funeral, and the only reason I was able to is because the music was healing me. It is spiritual and emotional medicine, and it helped me through the worst time of my life like nothing else could.

Everyone loves music. Some love to play and sing, to perform, to compose, to listen, to dance... everyone loves music. There's no doubt. My dream is to start an organization that combines the healing power of music (in whatever form that is) with practical help for people who have suffered trauma; so that includes drug abuse, sex abuse, homelessness, physical abuse, emotional abuse, and all other things beside.

Music is so powerful. It can reduce us to tears, make us dance like there's no tomorrow, shake us to our core. And it heals. This is my dream. To harness that power, and bring it to those who need it.

This coming September, I will be starting a Social Work and Social Policy Degree at the University of Nottingham. Very exciting. The cool thing is, is that in 3 years I'll be a qualified social worker, able to work in any field in the social sector; able to make a difference.
I am also going to be taking part in a music therapy training course at the Nordoff Robbins centre in London this summer to try and pursue this further.
If you have any tips or knowledge in how I can equip myself for my challenge, please don't hesitate to get in contact.

Cheers x

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