Thursday, 10 March 2011

The Artist Inside

So I'm having an INCREDIBLE time out in the states.

I've had some amazing vocal coaching from a guy called Phil Hall, who has helped me access different parts of my voice. So much fun.
I'm working with the incredible Michael Montes on producing my song 'For Zoe'. Very excited about that.
And I'm currently trying to compose and write about 10hours of ambient music for The Zoe Project. Heavy. But quite fun!
Yesterday I went to use the lovely Sunny Bates' piano, and wrote a s**t load of songs so I'm pretty happy. hah.

But now I'm thinking forward to May, when I'm back in the UK and settling into London for a few months. I've enrolled myself on this music therapy introduction course which should be really interesting.
So to fill my time out there productively, I've decided to run a small and very experimental music course.

I've named it TAI - The Artist Inside. (Tell me if this is too cringe!)

Some of my beautiful and amazing friends have volunteered to help me out which is so awesome. I love you guys.

I'm currently contacting schools and youth clubs to see if there is any interest. I'm also contacting community halls and church halls to see if I can rent out their space a couple of times a week.

I have hardly any experience, so err... this is how I'm gonna get it! I'm totally aware that I'm gonna fail.. a lot. And most of it will have to be improvised on the spot, but I'm quite excited about it. We have to start somewhere I guess!

So basically, I'm hoping (!) that TAI will be an integration of singing coaching, song-writing, A cappella/ensemble singing and performance. I want to mix group sessions (though I'm not expecting a lot of participants) with 'solo sessions'- a one-on-one session where we can work with the individual on their own goals etc.

So there you go! That's what I'm up to next. I'm hoping TAI will be the start of my journey towards my main goal, (which I talk about in my blog; 'my dream')

Please PLEASE give me tips and any advice/criticism you have. So sweet of you to have read this far.

So much love my darlings.